How to prepare children for holidays?

Children reading a map
A few weeks before the summer holidays begin, let's spark interest and prepare children for holidays. These tips will help you get them excited and curious for the adventure ahead.

listen and watch

The first and probably the easiest way to prepare children for holidays is by curating their entertainment. Research and download some good podcasts . These can be about the destination, the culture or anything related to the activities you will be doing over there.

Are there any movies or documentaries you can watch together? These will allow the children to imagine and project themselves into the adventure ahead. This is especially important if you will be having a culture shock or a very different environment from your usual one.

Kid listening to a podcast

taste and go on a culinary adventure

Picky eaters on not, it is important and fun to prepare the children to the holidays and the food they will be tasting. This is especially crucial if the culinary culture is totally different. Make this a fun family activity. Find a cook book or pick a few recipes online and have a themed evening. 

Another good way to introduce children to the food they will be tasting is by going to a restaurant. Granted, the food will not be as authentic. But it will make for a fun night out and interesting experience. 

Mother and daughter cooking

curate the books and bedtime stories

Whether your children can read or not yet, it is interesting to prepare the children for holidays through literature. Head to your nearest bookshop and pick up a few books. Are there any famous children authors in the country you will be visiting? Are there any curiosities about the landscape, the history or the culture? You can definitely find a book on the topic needed.

Oldest kids can pick up a specific guidebook and start immersing themselves in the adventure. 

Family reading

get singing and dancing

Culture is food and history, but also music and dance! Plan a party evening, a musical quizz and a dance event to get to know the local sounds. Older children might find some fun inspiration on social media. But simply put on music videos and let the rhythm take you! 

learn a few words

Out of respect and to ease the culture differences, get the family to learn a few basic words. Hearing the new sounds will definitely help prepare the children for holidays. There are numerous apps that can be used to make learning easy and fun. 

Kid learning

prepare a little project

No matter the age, children can keep a little journal of the holidays. They can draw a page of what they saw everyday or write a few words. Take the kids to choose their notebook and maybe a few pens that will make this exercise even more special. 

Preparing the children for holidays will make the landing and adventure smooth and easier. I hope these tips were useful. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you would like more ideas, or just to exchange on this topic. 

Bon voyage 

Marta x

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