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The family project

3 hours of travel consultation to fine-tune your travel plan

The annual holiday

Bespoke design of one family short or long holiday

The unlimited membership

Mapping and bespoke design of a full year of short and long family adventures

The once-in-a-life time experience

Creation of a life-changing multi-destination family adventure

my promise

Personal interaction

I create personal contact, get to know every family in-depth, listen to what family members (including fathers and teenagers 🙂 ) want to share and make myself easily reachable until the departure date.


Whatever the look, the size, the composition, the ability, the budget or the level of experience of your family, I endeavour to turn your dream into a plan. If my intuition suggests that there will be insurmountable obstacles, I let you know upfront in all transparency.


All the itineraries, accommodations and activities I recommend are mindfully selected with respect to the people and living species, their livelihood, the planet and the environment, because sustainable travelling is my state of mind and my default mode.

Bespoke design

Every travel I give life to, conservative or adventurous, short or long, near or far, is tailored to the needs expressed by a one-of-a-kind family in a given context for a special occasion. I build every trip from the ground up, without any adaptable background canvas. The copy-paste-adjust-repeat is not part of my mission. Every family is unique, every project is unique.


I craft propositions, solutions and itineraries around your expressed constraints and the reality I’m well aware of (sanitary restrictions, political reality, risks…), from local gems, unusual activities, off-the-beaten-path experiences to highlights.


As a professional travel consultant and pragmatic adventure designer, I act as a time-saver, a shortcut, a “decomplexifier”. My structured work is supported by a proven method from the discovery to the delivery of every family project without taking any useless step.

Transparent pricing

I start my assignment once the family has approved and paid my set fee (that will not change in the course of a project) for their holiday project. (Unlike travel agencies) I take no commission at all and therefore only submit 100% objective propositions when it comes to accommodation, transport, food or activities. In other words, my families pay no middle man fee, but only a consulting, design and planning fee. I work for them, not for commissions.

Kind words

With just a few words brief Marta was able to put together the perfect ski vacation for our family which has very different needs. Marta has been able to find us the perfect place to stay and has remained super flexible with trip adjustments throughout the process. It has been such a pleasure to work with Marta on this project that we are already working on our summer get away !
Winter 23'
Marta est patiente, organisée, professionnelle, honnête. Elle rend possible ce que nous n'aurions les capacités de faire que partiellement pour nous échapper de notre quotidien le plus souvent possible en famille.
Winter 22'
Marta was a fantastic communicator and our vacation would not have been possible without her. Her guidance and knowledge helped for a very smooth holiday. We will happily use Marta for any future planning needs! Thank you so much.
Summer 22'
"Notre séjour s'est parfaitement déroulé du début à la fin et ce en grande partie grâce à toi ! Encore un énorme merci pour tes conseils et ton travail et nous ne manquerons pas de transmettre ton contact à des amis et à te recontacter pour un prochain voyage!"
Cambodge et Singapour
Winter 22'
"I had the chance to work with Marta for the organisation of our Christmas holidays in Thailand. She organised everything from A to Z in a highly professional way. She took the time to get to know our family and our personal preferences in order to put together a completely personal experience. Her suggestions were spot-on. Marta is very kind and passionate, and super organised. I highly recommend working with her if you’re planning a family trip to a foreign country."
Winter 19'
Marta was so helpful finalizing our summer travel plans. She took the time to really listen to what we wanted and offered great options and suggestions within our budget and timeframe. We were very happy with the outcome and will definitely call her again on the next one!
Summer '22

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Travelling as a family enables every family member to get closer to oneself, to one another and to the world.


I design & plan unique & memorable travels (holidays & adventures) tailor-made to the dreams & requirements of families of all shapes, travelling all over the world.


Become the travel Planner & Designer of reference for French and English-speaking families of all shapes.

Dream more. Live more. Connect more. Share more. No skill or screen needed.

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