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Family life is busy, the routine is heavy and time is precious. Holidays are meant to be for reconnection, relaxation and growth.

Yet, planning is another job on the list. Working with me will not only result in a special holiday, it will also:

Are you ready to embark on a unique adventure with your loved ones?



1, 3 or 5 hours of travel consultation to fine-tune your travel plan

The annual holiday

Bespoke design of your family holiday


Mapping and bespoke design of a full year of short and long family adventures

The once-in-a-life time experience

Creation of a life-changing multi-destination family adventure


1, 3 or 5 hours of travel consultation to fine-tune your travel plan

Price: from 90€

For families that enjoy organising their own travels, keeping the lead on the planning, but seek expert advice.

  • You buy a prepaid 1, 3 or 5 hour bundle.
  • You book a call / meeting within 12 months.
  • I make myself available to answer all your questions.
  • do a brainstorm about your holiday idea
  • go over your plan
  • discuss your options
  • check your itinerary
  • give you tips
  • share addresses with you
  • receive neutral professional feedback
  • pick my brain or borrow my professional eyes
  • call / meeting preparation
  • written notes after the call / meeting
  • research to follow up on the call / meeting


Bespoke design of your family holiday

For (in)experienced travelling families that want to outsource completely the organisation of their upcoming holidays.

  • Planning of 1-week holiday average 400€
  • Planning of 2-week holiday average 500€
  • Planning of 3-week holiday average 600€


These prices are indications. All projects are different. You will receive a detailed quote following our discovery call. 

  • destination research and presentation (up to 4 options) 
  • transport and transfers recommendation (flights, private transfers, train, car rental)   
  • itinerary creation (up to 3 detailed proposals)
  • accommodation research and proposal (up to 5 options per stop) 
  • activities and experiences curation (planned and spontaneous options) 
  • restaurants selection
  • digital “travel itinerary”
  • hand holding and reassurance
  • booking and payments of transport, transfers, accommodations, activities, restaurants
  • assistance during the holiday itself
  • extra services upon request (ex: visa, insurance and admin advice)


Mapping and bespoke design of a full year of short and long family adventures

150€ per month
over 12 months

For families that want to outsource the organisation of all their school holidays in the upcoming school year. 

The unlimited membership includes the complete organisation of holidays and adventures during the school holidays and national holidays:

  • October: 1-2 weeks
  • December: 2-3 weeks
  • February: 1-2 weeks 
  • May: up to 2 weeks 
  • Summer: 4-6 weeks 
  • National holidays and long weekends
  • a 2-hour consultation to map the full year of school holidays and discuss all your wishes
  • a detailed planning platform with a 12-month overview and a holiday view
  • regular scheduled calls and direct WhatsApp chat
  • all the services listed above in the annual holiday for each holiday you plan 
  • booking and payments of transport, transfers, accommodations, activities, restaurants
  • assistance during the holidays themselves
  • holidays planning for family members outside of your nuclear family
  • extra services upon request (ex: visa, insurance and admin advise)


Creation of a life-changing multi-destination family adventure

Price upon request

For families ready to embark on a round-the-world / life-changing 6-week to 6-month adventure.

  • Co-creation of the story of the project
  • Exploration of realistic destinations and options
  • Design of the full itinerary
  • All the services listed above in the annual holiday
  • Help with visa and administrative questions
  • Suggestion of experiential travel options answering specific needs (reconnection with kids, with nature, charity work, learning of a specific skill…)

the planning process

In order to successfully plan your holidays, I have designed a simple and efficient process 


Book a discovery call to discuss you family travel project. To prepare I will ask you to fill a questionnaire to get to know you

2. administration

I send a quote matching the project requirements with an invoice upon approval.

3. onboarding

During the planning process, we work on a shared Notion document. No unnecessary email exchanges, no lost information. Everything is in one place. As we kick off, I will share a short intro video with all the details of the platform.

4. Destination Research

(If you already have that, we skip to the next part). Following your brief, I present you with 3 suitable destinations ideas. These will be presented with highlights, weather, budget ideas, activity options and a mood board.

5. Itinerary Creation

I present you with 3 different itinerary options. These will be presented with highlights for each stop and a map with detailed transfers. We schedule a quick debrief call to go over the options and make a decision.

6. Travel and Transfers

I present the best ways to get to your destination and how to get around (car rental, rail passes, flight options, etc...)

7. Accommodation Selection

I send you 4-5 accommodation options per stop. These match your wishes and budget. You have all the booking links to make your reservations directly.

8. Activity Curation

I suggest a list of organised and spontaneous activities matching your preferences, from private guided tours to hiking and cooking.

9. Extras

I share little extra information such as market days, best restaurants and planned events.

10. Complete travel itinerary

All the information is in one place, simply presented and accessible.

11. "Bon Voyage" call

We go over the full plan, I answer all your last questions and I give you some extra tips.

You are now ready to leave on a well-prepared holiday, bonnes vacances !

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Kind words

Marta nous a organisé un voyage de rêve à Zanzibar 🙂 Nous n’avions jamais pensé à cette destination, et c’était une magnifique découverte. Les hôtels proposés étaient parfaits en tous points. Les activités aussi. !



Winter 2021

Marta was a fantastic communicator. Her guidance and knowledge helped for a very smooth holiday. We will happily use Marta for any future planning needs! Thank you so much.



Summer 2022

With just a few words brief Marta was able to put together the perfect ski vacation for our family which has very different needs. Marta has been able to find us the perfect place to stay and has remained super flexible with trip adjustments throughout the process. 



Winter 2023

FAQ & Definitions

My mission is to design the best possible experience for my families. Contrary to a travel agent, I am not commissionned to make the physical reservations and payments. I simplify all the work, you just need to click on the links provided to make the final reservations and payments.  

I take no commission at all and therefore only submit 100% objective propositions when it comes to accommodation, transport, food or activities. In other words, my families pay no middle man fee, but only a consulting, design and planning fee. I work for them, not for commissions.

I start my assignment once the family has approved and paid my set fee (that will not change in the course of a project) for their
holiday project.

Sometimes, life happens and travel plans need to change or be postponed.

My planning fee is not refundable. However, I can help you re-organise and re-schedule your next adventure.  

My focus is 100% on family holidays and adventures. I often work on multi-generational holidays. But I do not organise events or trips outside of the family setting. 

No one needs more emails. To avoid never ending exchanges and potential missed information, I keep all communications in a shared Google Sheet.

This is where you will receive all the accommodation options, itineraries and all you need. 

We will regularly schedule calls to debrief your options and move to the next steps. During the planning process, I am always available to talk. 

To answer briefly: no. I have travelled extensively and have experience in many countries and destinations. My proven research method allows me to plan holidays and adventures in any destination around the world. 

Let's make your travel dreams happen

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