A summer on the rails

How about we skip the plane and plan a summer by train? Through Europe, train travel is living a true renaissance. Embrace slow travel and make the journey part of the adventure with these 6 summer destinations you can reach by train.

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italy by train

What a fantastic way to see this beautiful country! Italy has a very good railway system with high speed train that run regularly. Tickets are affordable and easy to organise. 

Great lines to discover:

  • The Cinque Terre Express is hugging the coast. It starts in La Spezia and finishes in Levanto and you can hop on and off. 
  • Rome to Sicily: Yes it is possible! It is an 11 hour scenic ride with views on the sea and Mt Etna. Well worth the time. 
  • Milan to Rome just under 3 hours
  • Rome to Naples in 1h15

Italy is accessible by train from the major European cities. There is a sleeper train between Paris and Venice. 

So plan a trip from mountains to seaside and rate all the pizzas on the way! 

portugal by train

Embrace the slower life in Portugal and discover the beauty of the west coast by train. Start your journey from any major city in Europe and travel via Paris. 

Great lines to discover:

  • Head to Lisbon via Barcelona and Madrid and make it an iberian adventure. 
  • Or choose to go via San Sebastian and Vigo and discover the Northern coast of Portugal. 
  • Discover the beauty of the Douro valley aboard the Linha do Douro

Train travel in Portugal is cheap and comfortable. A definite slow alternative to the busy Algarve. 

So, head surfing, food tasting and painting across Portugal!  


slovenia by train

Slovenia is connected to Croatia, Italy, Austria, Hungary, Serbia, Czechia, Germany, and Switzerland, and indirectly also to other European destinations. Take the night train from Paris and wake up in Ljubljana. 

Where to go? 

  • Take the family hiking and head to the hills, north of Ljubljana to Jesenice. 
  • Discover the wine producing region towards Nova Gorica
  • Stop off at spa and thermal waters in Lasko and Olimia

You can truly discover the whole country, going for short trips from the capital. There are special visitor train tickets giving you unlimited access to the railway system.

Would be a shame not to enjoy! 


the mountain by train

The Alps have always been a region easy to access by train during the wintersports season. But why not take the train during summer and head to beautiful hikes and fresh air? 

Where to go? 

  • The Bernina Express is known to be an exceptional train journey (the highest railway in Europe). Travel between Tirano to St Moritz 
  • Head to Austria (Innsburck) or Switzerland (Zurich) with the Nightjet sleeper train. How confortable?
  • The Golden Pass Express is a stunning journey in a panoramic train between Interlaken and Montreux. Seats rotate and there is good food. Worth taking just for that! 


Embrace summer in the mountains, slowly and mindfully, amazed by the scenery.  


turkey by train

Yes you read it, get to the cross roads to Asia by train. It would take you 3 night trains and an incredible adventure to travel from Paris to Istanbul. 

Where to go?

  • Head to the beaches around Izmir 
  • Link Istanbul to Ankara with a high speed train in 4 h. 
  • Eastern Express is a train that departs from the capital Ankara and arrives in Kars after 24 hours of travel. One of the most unusual railway in Turkey. 
  • Discover the black sea landscapes with the Zonguldak train


Combine some train trips with buses to find more remote locations like the south coast and Capadocia.  


sweden by train

Make a change and head North this summer. You can reach Sweden by train via Hamburg and Copenhagen. 

The most beautiful journeys:

  • Copenhagen to Malmo
  • Head west to Gothenburg and enjoy the archipelago and stunning landscape. 
  • Head East to Stockholm but also Kalmar and the beaches
  • Head South for the Swedish riviera 
  • Finally, tke the train all the way north from Stockholm to Abisko to discover Swedish Laponia. 


Sweden is well worth a visit during summer. It is a very family-friendly destination and one not to miss!  


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