Destinations to avoid in summer 2024

Summer travels are increasing year on year in many places. Over-tourism is a serious concern for some destinations. If you are looking for a peaceful corner for this summer holiday, note these 5 destinations to avoid absolutely.


The French capital is welcoming the Olympic Games this summer 2024. July and August will be as busy as it can get, and even worse. Prices of everything will rocket. The romantic and cultural Paris experience you might seek will definitely not deliver. 

Instead visit: Lille and the Northern Region 

Don’t miss: 

  • The Old Town
  • The many museums like the Beaux Arts, the Piscine museum, the Tri Postal…
  • The fantastic food scene 
  • Coastal towns from 1h30 away


To attempt to reduce over-tourism, the city of Venice has implemented a ticketing system. Tourists will have to pay 5€ on peak weekends between April and mid-July. Despite the low price, tourists might reschedule their visit to come during the week days or in August. 

Instead visit: Parma,  Modena and the region

Don’t miss: 

  • The best ingredients of Italy: balsamic vinegar, parma ham, parmeggiano all come from that region.
  • Staying in a family agriturismo
  • Culture and museums 
  • A slower pace of life


Which is worse? Queuing for hours to get to the crowded Acropolis or the terrible summer heat? Couple those together and you have the main reasons to avoid Athens in summer. 

Instead visit: The Peloponnese

Don’t miss:

  • The many ruins and historical sights 
  • Nafplio and its water sports possibilities
  • Monemvasia and the beautiful rock formation
  • The many hiking opportunities 


Despite the absolute beauty of the island, it is suffering from terrible over-tourism and pollution. The pressure of tourism have had a negative effect on the locals and the land. 

Instead visit: Indonesia

Don’t miss: 

  • Lombok and the Gili Islands
  • The lush jungle of Flores and the Kelimutu National Park
  • The deserted archipelago of Karimunjawa Islands
  • Learning all about Indonesian food 


Barcelona surely has it all, but it also has all the tourists. The streets, beaches, historical buildings and tourist sights are packed with holiday makers, making the experience highly unpleasant.

Instead visit: Galicia and the Northern coast

Don’t miss:

  • The beautiful landscape of mountains and national parks
  • Fresher dips in the Atlantic 
  • The famous Camino do Santiago 
  • The unspoilt archipelago of Cies islands 



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