destination ideas summer 24 – world edition

Fancy going on a family adventure further away, outside of Europe? Whether you are interested in active holidays, cultural highlights or a peaceful getaway, discover this list of beautiful destination ideas for summer 2024.

This article was entirely written by me, not by AI



Japan is fully open and welcoming tourists. The culture shock is big and the learnings are even greater. Spend time with local people to get a true understanding of Japan and its history. 

Top tips:

  • Look further than the usual itineraries and explore the north and the islands too. 
  • Allow time to acclimatise to the culture
  • Spend some time hiking in the “Japanese Alps”
  • Book activities such as sumo rehearsal long in advance 
  • Summer is the time to climb Mt Fuji 
  • Read about customs and social rules before your trip 


Before we continue, there is more to Indonesia than Bali. Summer is a great season to visit, as you can take the time to explore. 

Top tips: 

  • Plan an ambitious itinerary across many stops 
  • Take the time to explore rainforests, waterfalls and the fauna and flora, there is more than the beach
  • Indonesia is a bigger country than expected, plan the connections well
  • Plan for some local immersion to get an understanding of the culture and local day to day life 


Vietnam is a big and varied country. Summer is very hot, but also tends to be quiet in some corners so a perfect time to explore.

Top tips: 

  • Pick a side in the country (north or south) and explore until the central region
  • Organise all your transfers in advance (trains, private transfers and buses)
  • Start all your activities early in the morning to avoid heat
  • Immerse in the local food and learn with food tours and cooking classes
  • Visit (ethically of course) native tribes and spend some time with local families
  • The cities are loud and busy, balance with quiet times in the countryside  

sri lanka

The land of colours and spices. Sri Lanka needs good tourism after a few difficult years. It is a perfect mix of culture, scenery, beach time and active holidays. 

Top tips: 

  • Take the train and explore the whole country
  • Plan some ethical animal encounters
  • Learn about spices and flavours in fun and interactive cooking classes 
  • Travel around with local tuktuk
  • Be prepared for all temple visits and sacred monuments 



Well known for its beautiful sandy beaches and being a top diving destination, Mozambique has a lot to show. 

Top tips:

  • Learn about the rich cultural heritage making this culture so unique
  • Visit Lake Malawi for different kind of water activities
  • Spend time in local villages on beaches
  • Explore the many national parks and plan some wildlife encounters 
  • Plan guided game drives 


Adventurous road trippers, this is for you! Namibia is a perfect country to tackle by yourself in an unforgettable road trip.

Top tips: 

  • Plan guided times as well as alone adventures
  • Explore the vast desert 
  • Spend time in the Etosha National Park
  • Sandboard through the desert 
  • Get camping and enjoy stunning star gazing 


canada - ontario

Maybe less visited by foureign tourist (compared to Quebec), but such a jewel of delicious local food, peaceful lakes and active times

Top tips:

  • Rent a cabin on one of the many lakes
  • Visit the Niagara falls very briefly early in the morning
  • Get in the culture in Toronto 
  • Tackle watersports of all sorts in the immensity of the lakes. 
  • Do it as a road trip, to allow seeing as much as possible 
  • Don’t under estimate distance 
Canada Lakes


Ready for colours, sounds and a waterfall of joy? Mexico has many beautiful corners that ask to be explored. Mexico offers a deep dive into ancient history and traditions in a beautiful country. 

Top tips: 

  • Look further than the Yucatan peninsula.
  • Avoid the busy beaches of the east and explore further quieter paths 
  • Learn all about corn, tortillas and the best mexican food 
  • Swim in fresh hidden cenotes
  • Adventure through lush jungle and spend time away from cities and noise 
  • Learn about street art, murals and get painting 

us north east coast

Whilst a road trip through the California West coast is a typical one, why not explore the east coast cities and nature? 

Top tips: 

  • Make it a roadtrip to get the dimension of the area
  • Plan a good balance between buzzing cities and nature
  • Enjoy some of the best seafood in the US with lobster, oysters and clams
  • Book theatre shows in advance
  • Enjoy amazing ocean view in small towns, just like in the movies


Might be in the Southern hemisphere, but it doesn’t mean that you should discount Brazil for summer holidays. The country is huge with pockets of sun and warmth.

Top tips:

  • Spend time in the Amazon rainforest and understand its amazing biodiversity
  • Explore the largest wetlands in the world, spotting jaguars and giant otters
  • Stick to the north east of the country for perfectly great summer temperatures
  • Hike through lagoons and sand dunes in Lençóis Maranhenses National Park
  • Enjoy one of the many colourful festivals in the country. 

I hope this list has inspired you to start preparing a dream adventure with your family. Let’s look further than the usual for summer. In 2024, let’s explore more! 

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