5 Family holidays teenagers will want to join

Do you have a teenager at home? Are you struggling to get them excited for a family holiday? Here are 5 trips that will grab teenagers interest and will allow for a beautiful family holiday.

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an epic roadtrip

Getting stuck in a car with a grumpy teenager might not sound like the most dreamy of holidays. But road trips bring a sense of adventure and unexpected.

Why are road trips a good idea with teenagers?: 

  • Everyone is involved. The flexibility of a roadtrip allows for everyone to chip in and contribute to what they want to experience. 
  • Road trips are adventurous. You will discover new landscapes, cultures, potential activities 
  • Food is awesome. Road trip food is fun. Close your eyes on the junk food and share your memories of road food. 
  • Music makes things easier. Listen to your own, share yours and discover what your child enjoys. 
  • Conversations are easier. Since no one can look at each other in the eyes, the conversations can flow smoother, with less pressure. 

Epic roadtrip destination ideas: 

  • The classic West coast California
  • A portion of the historic Route 66
  • The stunning Garden Route in South Africa
  • The North Island circuit in New Zealand 

an adventure packed holiday

Time for you to step out of the comfort zone and get adventurous! Teenagers will enjoy the thrills and action filled approach to the holiday. 

Why are adventurous holidays good with teenagers? :

  • Bonding experiences: Putting the family in different adventurous situations will definitely create a strong bond and beautiful memories. 
  • Time in nature. Those adventurous holidays often happen away from technology and the hustle of daily life. Nature brings a calm aspect to the holidays. 
  • Exciting times: Extreme sports will satisfy teenagers wishes for action and excitment. A step out of the routine
Adventurous holidays ideas
  • Canyoning, white water rafting and descending rapids and rivers. 
  • Mountain biking, bouldering and paragliding around mountains  
  • Multi-day hikes in altitude, camping and nothing around  

a themed family camp

A different approach is to take a week (or more) out of the holiday to learn a new skill as a family. Families meet others and it is an opportunity for shared activities as well as socialising for teenagers. 

Why are themed family camp good with teenagers? :

  • Like-minded people. Gathering around a theme will likely bring good company
  • Focus on one activity brings focus and determination to improve that skill 
  • Serviced holidays. Those camps often come fully catered and with hotel-like services. A break for everyone! 
  • The satisfaction of having learnt a new skill with dedication
Themed family camp holidays ideas: 
  • Surf camp at a beautiful secluded beach
  • Tennis academy with pros 
  • Bushcraft and survival camp  
surf camp

a hip city break

Haven’t all teenagers dreamt of visiting New York, London or Tokyo? Taking the big kids to a megalopolis is guaranteed to blow their mind and give them enough entertainment.  

Why are city breaks good with teenagers? :

  • Opportunities are endless. Arts, live performances, street culture, big landmarks, you name it, the big city will have it. There is nothing that can’t be arranged. 
  • Cultural exposure is everywhere. Theatre, cinemas, museums, galleries, live shows, street performances, concerts are available. You can guarantee something will grab the attention of teenagers 
  • A feeling of freedom. Cities can expose teenagers to what their cool future could look like. This can trigger a motivation for independence and dreaming of what is ahead. 
Hip city breaks holidays ideas: 
  • Culture shock and new horizons in Tokyo 
  • Theatres and shows in London
  • Hip shopping and music in New York 

a big milestone holiday

This one could have been categorised in the adventure one, but I thought it deserves its own section. The big milestone is that big achievement, physical and mental effort, often a world renowned hike. 

Why is a big milestone holiday good with teenagers? :

  • That sense of adventure of the unknown puts the focus on something else than the usual routine and school talk. 
  • It takes preparation for weeks and months ahead which is also quite a bonding experience 
  • Bragging rights are huge, no? 


Big milestone holidays ideas: 
  • Mount Kilimanjaro 
  • Mount Fuji 
  • Macchu Pichu

Many of my clients tell me they save the big special trips for teenage years. The trips teenagers will not be able to refuse, because they are so cool! 

I hope you found inspiration in this list. 

I am still far from teenage years with my own children, but I already have some ideas of the kind of holidays I will want to take them on. One sure thing, it will not be boring! 

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