A train adventure with kids around Europe

train trip
This spring holiday was all about trains and discovering beautiful European cities. After a few months in the jungle, my family and I were craving city time, lots of yummy food, culture and new sceneries. Over 2 weeks, we visited Berlin, Warsaw, Krakow and Prague with 3 days spent in each city. Train travel is definitely way more comfortable and fun that flying!

amsterdam -> berlin

The train journey: 

  • 5h50 direct
  • We started the journey at 6am and arrived in Berlin before lunch.
  • Book a first class compartment for the family and enjoy cosy chats and fun games. 


Top highlights of things to do in Berlin: 

  • Rent bikes and explore the city safely 
  • Cruise around the huge Tiergarten park to find shade and many playgrounds
  • Visit one of the many museums of the city: Natural History, Spy museum and Planetarium 
  • Spend time with locals by the river when the weather is beautiful 
  • Enjoy great food at the Market hall Neun 

berlin -> Warsaw

The train journey: 

  • 5h30 direct
  • We booked another first class compartment for comfort.
  • This one offers free drinks and snacks along the way, but no wifi. 
Top highlights of things to do in Warsaw: 
  • If kids are old enough, visit the uprising museum, otherwise the Technology and Copernicus Centre are not to be missed
  • Spend time by the fountains and see the light show at sunset
  • Walk around the beautiful old town and eat your way around the new town 
  • Go green in the big park of Lazienki 

warsaw -> krakow

The train journey: 

  • 2h30 direct
  • The train journey is very smooth. 
  • Book a family compartment and get great discounts for kids 


Top highlights of things to do in Krakow: 
  • Enjoy the old town early in the morning when the squares are empty
  • Rent bikes and follow the river all the way to the country side (a true highlight of our visit!) 
  • Visit the Linowy Park for some ziplines and tree top action 
  • Visit the castle, dragon cave and old rooms 

krakow -> Prague

The train journey: 

  • 5h30 direct
  • We booked another first class compartment for comfort. And that one was truly exceptional. 
  • They offers free drinks, and there is a proper old school restaurant cart 
Top highlights of things to do in Prague:
  • Take the old school trams and head out of the very busy city centre
  • Get creative and paint your own enamel cup or plate. A great activity
  • Head to the mini Eiffel tower with a funicular and and lots of energy to climb the steps. A very rewarding view is waiting
  • Organise a picnic in the Petrin gardens 

prague -> Amsterdam

The night train between Prague and Amsterdam has launched recently. “EuroNight” train service leaves from central Prague and arrives 12 hours later in Amsterdam central. We unfortunately did not use this option to come back home (no train running on our return date). But this is definitely a fun and slow way to finish the holiday. 

My best tips for train travel with kids: 

  • If you can, book a private cabin, or first class. The price difference is often minimal and the comfort way extra
  • Take trains early in the morning to make most of the day at your destination
  • Pack all your healthy and yummy snacks. Train restaurants really have nothing to offer 
  • Many international  train tickets can only be booked 1 month in advance. This does not apply to sleeper trains. Keep a good eye on those bookings  
  • Forget about dufle bags, you will need suitcases all the way 

This train adventure has been a true highlight of our year and a beautiful adventure. Kids from 4 will really enjoy the train trip, giving everyone time, space and comfort to explore. 

Are you ready for your next train adventure? Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have questions or want to exchange about our trip. 


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