7 road-trip ideas for summer

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I think there is nothing like a road-trip for summer. There is a fantastic mix of organised and unexpected. A road-trip brings freedom to discover new landscapes and flexibility to stop and explore. Time to make the journey at the centre of the trip and go on a road-trip with kids. I have selected 7 itineraries, in Europe and beyond.

This article was entirely written by me, not AI.

denmark & sweden

Let’s head to the very family-friendly Nordics and explore Sweden via Denmark. Kids are at the centre of the holidays and holidays are very peaceful and safe. 

Itinerary ideas: 

Billund -> Copenhagen -> Malmo -> Gothenburg and the archipelago -> Vatten lake -> Kalmar -> the Southern riviera 


Don’t miss: 

  • If your kids are at that stage, start the trip in Legoland and enjoy a fun stay 
  • Fabulous food in Gothenburg
  • Renting a small cabin by a lake and living a remote life 

Might not be as hot as southern Europe, but Sweden is a true gem for summer holidays. Endless days swimming in refreshing water and delicious food on the program. Have a read of our Swedish road trip with kids. 


greece mainland

There is more to Greece than the Cycladic islands. I have loved visiting the Peloponnese and places slightly more quiet. The beaches are as beautiful and prices are lower. 

Itinerary ideas: 

Athens -> Nafplio -> Monnemvasia -> Stoupa -> Kalamata -> Pilos 

Don’t miss: 

  • Doing water sports and enjoying beach time in Nafplio
  • Visiting many ruins and historic sites inland. 
  • Taking a cooking class in the surroundings of Kalamata and understanding everything about Greek olive oil

You could take an alternative road trip and visit between Athens and Thessaloniki and the see the famous Meteora. 




Get exploring further than the beautiful beaches of the Algarve and cover some ground from cities, to National Park and mountains. 

Itinerary ideas: 

Lisbon -> Peniche -> Coimbra -> Serra Da Estrela -> Douro -> Peneda Geres -> Porto 

Don’t miss: 

  • Painting your own azulejos in Lisbon
  • Learning how to surf in Peniche
  • Horse riding in Peneda Geres


Exploring the north of the country will give a great variety of landscapes. Extend your stay and head over to the south for intense beach time. 



If you wish to discover wide nature, avoid big crowds and have a piece of lake to yourself, then Norway is a good destination. 

Itinerary idea: 

Oslo -> Trondheim -> Geiranger -> Fjords -> Bergen 

Don’t miss: 

  • Driving the exciting routes on the Atlantic Ocean Road
  • Exploring the scenic fjords landscapes of Sognefjord and Hardangerfjord
  • Fresh water swimming of course 


Not your traditional summer mediterranean destination, but what an adventure. You could add on a week or two and explore the Lofoten islands further north. 



It is a true classic, but such a memorable trip! The trip mixes stunning landscapes in National Parks, dramatic coast line, the American dreams and a sense of adventure.

Itinerary ideas

San Francisco -> Yosemite -> Death Valley -> Las Vegas -> Joshua Tree -> Los Angeles -> Santa Barbara  

Don’t miss 

  • Cycling around San Francisco with a guide
  • Hiking in Yosemite
  • Learning about series and cinema in LA. 


This is a great trip that teenagers will likely take to. The diversity of activities and rhythm of the trip will guarantee no one will get bored. 



Canada is truly beautiful in summer and the size of the land and the beauty of the landscape really calls for a road trip. Kick off your trip in Montreal and drive along the St Lawrence river. 

Itinerary idea: 

Montreal -> Trois Rivières -> Quebec -> Tadoussac -> Gaspesie 

Don’t miss

  • The buzzing culinary scene of Montreal 
  • Whale watching and water activities in Tadoussac 
  • Camping and glamping in nature, off the beaten path and enjoying beautiful skies 

Depending on the time you have, you could combine this trip with a visit to Ontario. If you want to read more about a road trip to Ontario, head over here. 


italian lakes

A beautiful region of Italy that deserves to be discovered. The Italian lakes are nestled between mountains and the Swiss border. Hop from lake to lake and discover a different atmosphere on every stop. 

Itinerary idea: 

Maggiore on the Swiss side -> Maggiore on the Italian Side -> Como -> Isola -> Garda 

Don’t miss: 

  • The adventure park in Monte Tamaro 
  • The beautiful villages of Cannobio and Verbania 
  • Renting a boat on Lago di Garda and enjoy the vast beauty 

My family and I visited the Italian lakes in Spring 2023. Have a read of our adventure over here

I have memories of road trips and long adventures as a child. But I never thought it would be so much fun as a parent. I think road trips are one of my favourite adventures with the family. That right balance between calm adventure and flexibility.

Over the years, I have planned many road trips for my clients, from South Africa, to California, Japan and Greece.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want help planning your next family road trip. 

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